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About the company HELI CZECH s.r.o.

Let us briefly introduce the company HELI CZECH s.r.o.

Our story starts in the times before joining the Army of the Czech Republic when we as young folks decided to fly helicopters. All the pilots including the founder of the company used to fly or have been flying with battle helicopter Mi-24 in “Tygří Letka” and gained thousands flight hours. Some pilots have gone throurgh missions in Kosovo and recently in Afghanistan. It is a company with the best and the most experienced pilots and instructors in this country.

Flying helicopters is our dream and we know about helicopters more than others.

We started with no government contracts “from scratch” in 2007 on a grassland near Karlštejn where we were the first to offer adventure flights around the nearby castle and countryside for the turists and other interested people. We still offer adventure flights but now we have a heliport in Loděnice near Beroun.
We have evolved into company which now owns 6 helicopters and operates 12 in total (and we have not properly started yet ;-) ) .

We also founded a pilot school, helicopter service for 7 aircraft types, we provide flight services like monitoring and filming flights. We are the only Czech Republic airline license holder with Robinson light helicopters.
You can meet with us at every important air show around the country.

In 2010 we obtained Robinson helicopters dealership permit for our affiliated company HELI Slovakia s.r.o. and we offer service due to PART-145 in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2012 we achieved an incredible thing – we manage to import battle helicopter “BELL AH-1COBRA“ from the USA. It is absolutly unique aircraft with full history with no similar match in whole Europe. In many countries is this helicopter still used in the army. You can fly with us in Cobra on any our promotion flights and airshows to feel like a battle pilot.

Big thanks go to our photographer Mr. Jaroslav Kubík and cameraman Kamil Podolský. You can see their photos and videos here on our website.

We also have to thank photograpers Miloš Růža and Jiří Sofilkanič for their photos decorating some website sections.

Thank you and we are looking forward to flying with You.


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