Helicopter Sale

HELI CZECH s.r.o. has supplied various types of new and used helicopters to satisfied customers for many years.

We can say with satisfaction that we provide technical maintenance for all delivered helicopters.

These helicopters are: Robinson R22/R44/R66, BELL 206B, BELL 505, AW-119, Bo-105, MD500/530, AH-1S COBRA

NEW HELICOPTERS for delivery

  • Robinson R22 Beta II

  • Robinson R44 Raven / Clipper / Cadet

  • Robinson R66 Turbine

  • Požadavek na jiný vrtulník


No helicopters available at the moment.

    Sales History

    • Robinson R44


    • Robinson R44


    • MD 500E


    • Robinson R44



    HELI CZECH S.R.O. provides professional assistance in the purchase of new and used helicopters, according to the customer`s request. This fact allows us to offer a full service, from air training to helicopter delivery, including their warranty service at Robinson helicopters as well as after-warranty service at the service centre in Hradec Králové, and also at the customer`s premises.

    When consulting, we exclusively specialize in the following types of helicopters: Robinson R22/R44/R66, BELL 206B, BELL 505, AW-119, MD500, AH-1S COBRA.

    Our support is especially appreciated when choosing the best and cheapest supplier.

    In case of interest or any inquiry, please contact us.